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I recently read in an article in the english magazine “Children and Young People Now,” I found it at the waiting room at the recption at the local college. Apparently it was aimed at teachers. Anyway, this article claimed that watching Spongebob was bad for little kid’s health, while watching ScoobyDoo, (a show which is about a junk-food addicted dog that solves mysteries) was good for their health.

That in itself is nonsense. They say that children have difficulty paying attention directly after watching this. But in my eperiance as a sister to FIVE kids, that is true with any TV show. (Mainly because there is a short wrestling tournament to get the remote and the choice of what is on next.) Their problem with Spongebob was that “the charecters do things that made no sense in the real world.” And granted, while that IS true (Why do Mermaid man and Barnecle boy fit into Spongebob’s house when it is a hollowed out pineapple, and they are humans? How do fish grow beards? How can they all talk?  Why does Spongebob have eyelashes? Why don’t Spongebob’s parents look like him? How did Sandy (a squirrel) get to the bottom of the ocean? How do they light fires underwater (which they do do frequently, such as when they were canping, or when they were lost in the woods)? All of these are the unexplained mysteries of Spongebob) isn’t that the POINT of a little kid’s TV show? Small children don’t to watch something realistic. They want to watch cartoon charecters get into stupid and senseless situations, and then magically get out of them, returning everything to the way it was before the episode began, never growing, never progressing futher mentally or psyically.

And even if Spongebob was particularly bad for your concentration, the show Scooby Doo shouldn’t have been interpreted as good for a kid’s health. The show is about a dog who constantly snacks on both human food and dog biscuits, and his human friend, who does the exact same.

Also, I feel I have to point out that this is a US study. In the past, the US governement in particular have been intolerant of Spongebob because they believed the show was designed to promote homosexuality, even when the creators of the show explained that Spongbob wasn’t gay.

Think what you like. If you want to listen to me, my advice would be, if anyone tells you that a cartoon TV show is bad for a small child’s health, I would say, take it with a pinch of salt. Unless it’s South Park. Don’t let five year olds watch that. Stick to Bob the Builder on that one.


My hard truth of the day

The Earth would be better off without humans. Fact. But there would be no way to un-do the havoc and chaos humans have caused. For example, if one person caught a disease, and spread it to the rest of humanity within a week, and every human died, all the impacts on the earth humans have would stop. There would be no more global warming, polloution, deforestation, oil spills and poaching. They would all stop. But the effects wouldn’t be reversed. So, really, the Earth would be better off if humans had NEVER exsisted. Here’s the thing, though. Because of evoloution, humans were always GOING to exist. The Earth is doomed, and was always going to be doomed. The sun is going to die eventually. The Earth will freeze and without the Sun to orbit around, it’ll drift through space aimlessly until it comes to another galaxy with a sun. It’ll thaw out, bacteria will evolve into insects and then into mammals, and fish and birds, and the whole damn cycle will start again.

Basically, we’re doomed. We are always going to be doomed. We always WERE going to be doomed. Just sit back and enjoy the ride.


Before you get your hopes up, ready to read about someone having an amazing adevnture, in a brand new chapter of their lives, each word a beautiful sentiment and the entire thing a rollercoaster of a blog, I’m no-one. I’m not esspecially funny, smart or interesting. I’m just a loud (slightly insane) girl with lots of opinions. So, if anyone’s still here, read on, beware… strange things happen here… (I cause most of them.)